The Weather is Warming Up! Disc Golf Anyone?

Disc golf isn’t the first thing most of us would think of when naming things to play outside. But did you know that the number of disc golf courses doubled between 2000 and 2008? The exact number of people who play isn’t known although the Pro Disc Golf Association claims that 500,000 people play regularly.

For sure, it is an inexpensive alternative to some sports as it is around $20 for a Discraft Beginner Golf Disc Set and all the courses are free. You’ve not only got the benefits of physical activity but also those critical thinking skills (Bloom’s Taxonomy) being used to figure out how to improve your game. What do you do if its windy? See the interview below to find the answer!

Educational Dics Golf Experience‘s website (EDGE) has lots of information about how to get started, lesson plans, and other resources. Since the site is to help get kids involved in playing, its a great place to start. They provide a link to help find a disc golf course near you. I was given a video by EDGE from Miss Stephanie, the person I interview below, called Educational Disc Golf Experience Getting the EDGE instructional video. I recommend getting it to learn how to play disc golf if you or your kids know very little.

My older son’s PreK Head Start teacher, Miss Stephanie, had mentioned she played in tournaments so I thought I’d ask her some questions to bring you more insight into what its like.
Houndahobby: How long have you been playing disc golf and how many competitions have you participated in?
Miss Stephanie: I learned about disc golf through some friends in college. I attended Texas State and I never knew they had an 18 hole course on campus until then.  My friends had established a local club called SMUDGE and they held their own minis and league play there. A good friend of mine took me to Circle R in Wimberley, TX for my first round. Since 2006 I have played over 70 tournaments.
Houndahobby: Any awards?
Miss Stephanie: I  have a few trophies but now that I play in the Open division I do not have many wins under my belt…yet!
Houndahobby: What are some things you enjoy most from playing?
Miss Stephanie: One of the most enjoyable things about playing disc golf is that I get to spend time outside and bring my dog along. When I am out playing I see many different ranges of players and that makes me happy. I love when I see families out spending time together, exercising and enjoying nature. I also really enjoy the community that surrounds serious competitors. Even though we are competing against each other we are all very supportive. At one of the national tour events we had in Round Rock TX I was having trouble with my putt and a fellow lady golfer took time to work with me after the round.
Houndahobby: What is the biggest influence that got you started in playing disc golf?Wesley's first CHING!!
Miss Stephanie: I would have to say my friends. They were very patient with me when I was learning and when I started I immediately met other women in the sport so I found new friends as well.
Houndahobby: What’s the difference between a regular Frisbee bought in the toy section and the ones used in competitions? Can you use a regular Frisbee at the disc golf course?
Miss Stephanie: Regular toy Frisbees are not PDGA approved so you would not be able to use them in tournament play. In disc golf, there are five general throws that competitors use, the  backhand, side arm (also referred to as the forehand), overhand, hyzer, and anhyzer. Each of these throwing styles have to incorporate the four components of grip, stance, windup, and release. The Frisbees we use to complete all the different throws are modeled differently along with many different weights.
Houndahobby: You participate in a group to help women get involved with disc golf. I like how you said to bring the kids, too. What are some things you do in that group?
Miss Stephanie: Our women’s group is called Women Throwing Frisbees and is centralized in Austin. We hold clinics for only ladies, on Tuesday and Saturdays we have ladies day where we get together and play a round together. We welcome women of all skill levels. We have a ladies only tournament that has been running for 10 years. This year the tournament is March 29-30 and it is held in Williamson County, the course is called Wilco. This was actually my first event that I played when I started in 2006.
Houndahobby: Is there any other hobby you do just as much or almost as much as disc golf?
Miss Stephanie: I would say that disc golf is my number one hobby. When the season starts I am usually competing every weekend and practicing as much as I can. I have two baskets in my backyard so it makes putting easy to practice. There is also a field close to my house that I go to too practice my different shots.
Houndahobby: The weather’s been nice. Did you play on that windy day too?
Miss Stephanie: Yes, we were playing in a tournament.
Houndahobby: Doesn’t the wind affect your ability to play?
Miss Stephanie: Absolutely! You throw different disc and you have to throw different angles.
A big thanks to Miss Stephanie! If you or your kids are looking for something to do outside with minimal expense, this may be it! You’ve got nature and a group of helpful golfers waiting. Look up Women Throwing Frisbees on Facebook or connect with EDGE for more information. And if you’re in the area, go watch the Women at the tournament at Williamson County’s Wilco course this weekend!
photo by: insidious_plots