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I cannot pay you but will include a bio with your blog info if you include it at the bottom of your post.


You can contribute in any of the following categories:

1. How one particular hobby can strengthen one particular academic subject.

This is a “how” post. I’d like particular examples of how a subject is used in a hobby, ie. math in astronomy or reading in bird watching.

This is ideal for those already involved in a particular hobby who would like to share inside information.

2. How a hobby has helped your kid or student. This includes kids with disabilities and disorders.

This is a personal story if you are inclined to share. It can be about any way the hobby helped, academically, emotionally, etc.

3. How and where to start with a particular hobby.

Please include best ages to start if you can and best resources online or available at libraries/bookstores.

The more resources you use, the better! Example: Top 10 online organizations or blogs, Top 5 books, etc.


I will do some editing, but will let you know if I do.

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