A Princess’ Hobby: How To Expand Her Knowledge

Do you have a little princess? Does she love all the princess movies and was she a princess last Halloween? Does she have a play castle and tiara? How would you turn her interest into something educational?
  • When she’s playing with her castle, introduce her to the parts of the castle by name. Turret. Battlement. Cinderella is on the parapet. Elsa is in the bailey. She might not pick up all the words, but some might fall into her vocabulary.
  • castle vocabulary

    |——–>>from visual.merriam-webster.com

    If she doesn’t have a castle already, you could make one. Between the cutting and gluing and painting, you can talk about the parts. Check out my Pinterest board Castles, Knights, Princesses for ideas on how to make your own.

  • She might even have some fun if you both make a catapult. My Castles, Knights, Princesses Pinterest Board has a few pins on how to make a catapult.
  • When you talk about tiaras why not introduce the names of common gems used? Sapphire or Emerald. Google for the heaviest crown and come up with reasons why it would be so heavy.
  • Name the parts of the dress on a doll or her own dress: corset, bustle, princess sleeves. And if there’s a knight in the house, you can name the parts of the armor and identify weapons he might have used.
I tried to explain to my 3 year old that a long time ago they didn’t have motors in their vehicles so no trucks were allowed in our castle that we constructed with boxes. Vehicles with wheels were ok like wagons, but no motors. He still parked his garbage trucks in the bailey and my 6 year old still wanted to make laser weapons for his knights! Just have fun with it. As they get older they can add to their knowledge and learn about other things, from European history to Shakespeare. Just remember, there’s no tests! Ever! Its all for fun and fun for all.