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Hello! Welcome to Hound A Hobby, where the parent can help their kids find a hobby to hound. Hobbies can be one of the best avenues to help kids practice what they learn in school and continue learning outside of the classroom. The aim of this website is to help parents find ways to help their kids learn academic skills and life skills through hobbies. You’ll find out how and where to get started with a hobby through books, organizations, and activities. Also, you’ll find ways to approach teaching so that you can find the style or philosophy that your kids respond to and work with your kids using that style. I will also interview people who have hobbies as well as teachers that can bring in information useful to the parent. I strongly believe that the parent is the first and most important teacher a child can have. No, you don’t have to teach your kid algebra (unless you want to), but you are definitely a supporting member in your child’s education. You are there not only to help with homework but in all the areas of life, too. Support your child’s education and development by having him or her hound a hobby or two. To find out more about how hobbies can help kids learn and enjoy learning, click here.   Note: All Amazon links go to my store I created with items I think you’d be interested in.